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GST/PST Registration

GST tax is charged by the Central Government of Pakistan under the Sales Act 1980. GST Tax is charged on services like marriage halls, clubs, hotels, courier services, beauty halls, etc.

Sales Tax is chargeable on all locally produced and imported goods except computer software, poultry feeds, medicines, and unprocessed agricultural produce of Pakistan and other goods specified in the Sixth Schedule to The Sales Tax Act, 1990.

Accountable for registration:

These sectors are required for registering for sales tax and they charge sales tax on their services? supplies:

  • Business
  • Importation
  • Facilities
  • Delivery, Wholesale & Trade phase.

Documents required:

  • Bank Account Permit
  • Details of all divisions (if any)
  • GPS-tagged photos of the business location
  • Customer number with the gas and power seller along with images of efficacies meter
  • GPS-tagged photos of technology and manufacturing power or gas meter connected (Manufacturer only)
  • Color copy of CNICs of Associates
  • Rental agreement/possession docs of workplace location
  • Newest paid the power bill
  • Biometric Confirmation
  • Post Validation (Manufacturer only)

Conclusion Time: 2 – 3 Working Days

Sales Tax Return filing:

When to file:

  • As per law each listed person must file a return by the 15th of each month regarding the auctions made in the last month.

Documents required:

  • Copies of Auctions Statements
  • Copies of Acquisitions Statements
  • Bank Declarations
  • Other info as required


Registering: 10,000
Filing: Minimum Fee: Rs. 5,000
(Actual Fee will depend on the business and nature of commercial action)

GST Tax on Goods:

All things can be taxed, except the goods that get broken under the Sales Act 1990.

GST on Services

There is a sales tax demand on the Provincial Regulations and Islamabad Capital Territory Ordinance. The following services need registration under the sales tax:

  • Advertisements on radio and television without ads
  • Persons who handle the business of other persons
  • Travel through air or railways
  • Possessions carriage by air
  • Cable services

Imported Goods Tax

The sales tax is forced on all imported goods, except the ones that are excused under Section 13 as stated in Sixth Schedule to the Act.

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